Zuzana 2

Self-propelled autonomous artillery system

155 mm SpGH ZUZANA 2 is aself-propelled autonomous artillery system with automatic loading of ammunition which is capable to provide effective  re by both direct and indirect aiming.


  • High mobility,
  • Protection of the crew against NBC weapons,
  • Protection of the crew against small arms, as well as mounted weapons and ammunition fragments,
  • Protection of the crew by automatic fire-extinguisher system
  • Far-distant range of fire,
  • Quick preparation for fire,
  • Quick transition into and out of action,
  • High accuracy of fire,
  • Capability to carry out multiple round simultaneous impact (MRSI) missions
  • 155 mm SpGH Zuzana 2 has a 52-caliber barrel which is designed in accordance with the Memorandum of Understanding concerning
    “Standardization of Elements of 155 mm Howitzers and Ammunitions”.
  • Electronic equipment, diagnostics and automation of operations during loading and firing rank this weapon among the most advanced weapon system in the world.
  • The weapon is equipped with the inertial navigation equipment and muzzle velocity radar.
  • On-board FCS enables to operate with digital maps.
  • For direct fire the weapon is equipped with aiming system consisting of TV camera, thermal image camera and laser range-finder.
  • The weapon is equipped with additional optical sight for manual aiming.
  • Various communication equipment can be installed in accordance with the customer´s requirements.
  • 155 mm ammunition compliant with the NATO standards is used for firing.
  • The ammunition is stored in the conveyers which are capable to carry 40 projectiles and 40 powder charges ready to fire. Beds in the conveyers are universal for all the projectiles and powder charges used in the service. It is possible to store new types of projectiles of the length up to 1000 mm in the projectile conveyer and load them by means of automatic loading mechanism.
  • The ballistic protection of turrets against the direct fire and the fire at± 30° angles meets the STANAG 4569 Level 2.
  • Crew compartments are air-conditioned.
  • The power supply unit which provides electric and hydraulic energy for the drive of the turret aggregates and partially for the chassis aggregates without the need to run the chassis engine is placed between turrets in the rear.

Technické parametre

Main Armament
155mm Gun, 52 caliber
360°, for fire ±60°
-3.30° / +70°
Rate of fire - In automatic mode
5 rounds in the 1st minute, 13 rounds in 3 minutes
Rate of fire - In manual mode
2 rounds per minute
Range of Fire, Maximum (at 45° elevation
41.5 km when using ERFB-BB shells
Range of Fire, Minimum
5.0 km
Ammo carried on vehicle
40 pcs
Chassis, Special
8x8 with the engine in rear part
Combat Weight
32,400 kg
Length, Max.
14.2 m
Height, Max.
3.52 m
Width, Max.
3.02 m
Speed, Max.
80 km/h
Range of Action
600 km
Fording Depth, Max.
1.4 m
Climbing Ability, Max.
60% of longitudinal grade
Trench Cross Ability
2.0 m
TATRA T3B-928.70, 8 cylinders, in V arrangement, 12.67 dm3
Engine Power Output, Max.
300 kW at 1.800 rpm
TATRA 10 TS 180

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