Company philosophy

Our company has been growing based on the traditional business values throughout its history. For decades of the company existence, we have focused mainly on research and development projects based on state defense requirements, which would have not been possible without the working teams, consisting of highly qualified experts – the pillar of Konštrukta – Defence.

The company deals with the project solutions, engineering designs and expertises in very specific field implementing both the science and technology into the conceptual solutions, therefore the staff must be formed by qualified and skilled specialists.

After decades that included the innumerable amounts of specific projects, various innovative programs or tasks reflecting the wide variety of clients´ demands, the company has come to the stage, at which it possesses the source of technical project documentation – its unique KNOW-HOW.

The specific scope of the company referring to a distinct group of clients such as armed forces of different countries and the constant development of military and defence technologies have allowed the company to create very close business relations with the end users of our projects and the intensive interaction between user´s demands and our competent solutions.

Our company has been moving forward considering the generation exchange, changing international standards and greater requirements of our clients.

The company retains its position in the military and defence market and successfully follows ever changing world trends. It achieved its status as a key player in the international military industry also by regular and active participation and company presentation at the major international exhibitions, conferences and vocational seminars, as well as by press releases in specialized media.

Konštrukta – Defence is constantly changing its image and nowadays it is also referred to as a producing company, dealing with the complex requests of its clients. Furthermore, the company offers the maintenance and repair services of military technology and equipment at its premises in the use of armed forces.

Aim to meet the client´s requests has made the company to expand and modify the company´s organizational structure in order to ensure all the related process activities.

Company´s values expressed completely its approaches, functioning, presentations and position in the market:

  • Innovativeness – we follow new trends and changing requests of international defence industry and our clients
  • Uniqueness -we possess the know-how with long term tradition and skilled teams that makes us a unique company on the domestic market and strong competitor worldwide
  • Integrity – is a very important element, whereas our conceptual solutions are combination of more scientific and technical disciplines
  • Teamwork – it would not be possible without appropriate human resources. Close cooperation and interconnection of specialized departments allow effective and flexible company operation
  • Motivation – is a basic feature while achieving required results and solutions mainly for long term projects and tasks

The main objectives of company KONŠTRUKTA – Defence are to provide the reliable operations in the field of development and design, special testing, production, maintenance services in accordance to the needs of our customers and to remain one of the recognized companies in the international defence market.