Our artillery trained with new ZUZANA 2 Self-propelled Gun Howitzers

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Publikované: 07/26/22

After the successful continuous deliveries of ZUZANA 2 Gun Howitzers to the Armed Forces of the Slovak Republic according to the agreed schedule, our artillerymen continued intensive training on the delivered machines in the military training area of Kamenica nad Cirochou. This was preceded by the completion of an extensive theoretical part of the training.

We took part there in the position of an observer, in order to supervise the complex functionality of weapons in the mode of training the real combat activities, as well as to provide operational service and logistical support, if necessary.

The overall evaluation of the new guns at the military exercise was positive. For us, such practical knowledge from the live deployment of technology to such an extent is always inspiring to move things forward.

We believe that the new acquisition of ZUZANA 2 Self-propelled Gun Howitzers in the Armed Forces of the Slovak Republic will contribute to the fulfillment of their demanding tasks in ensuring the country’s defenses and in fulfilling the international allied commitments.


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