Research in coooperation with the University of Trenčín

Autor: Editor Kota

Publikované: 05/28/20

KONŠTRUKTA-Defence, a.s. has been cooperating with the University of Trenčín on the research projects for a long time. The current project is focused on increasing the strength properties of a selected component of a special technique while maintaining the optimal level of plastic properties.

Alexander Dubček University in Trenčín has currently received 6.3 million Eur from Eurofunds for the expansion of the Center for Quality Testing and Diagnostics of Special Materials, which will enable it not only to buy the special devices but also to expand cooperation with partners, including KONŠTRUKTA-Defence, a.s. The project is focused on the development and support of research and development activities of the Center for Quality Testing and Diagnostics of Materials in the area of specialization RIS 3 SK.

On that occasion, the University of Trenčín signed a partnership agreement on April 6, 2020 with partners among which is also the KONŠTRUKTA-Defense, a.s.




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