Self-propelled autonomous artillery system


The 155mm BIA 6×6 is an autonomous self-propelled artillery system equipped with automatic ammunition loading, enabling effective firing through both direct and indirect aiming methods. The design is grounded in a combat-proven 155mm 52-caliber Gun system while incorporating a comprehensive range of verified assemblies and design solutions.

Key Features:

  • The 155mm SpGH BIA 6×6 is outfitted with a 52-caliber barrel.
  • Advanced electronic equipment, diagnostics, and automation streamline loading and firing operations, positioning this weapon among the most cutting-edge systems globally.
  • The weapon is furnished with inertial navigation equipment, a muzzle velocity radar, and GPS capabilities.
  • The onboard Fire Control System (FCS) enables connection to C4I and facilitates operation with digital maps.
  • For direct fire, the weapon integrates a sensor head equipped with an embedded TV camera, thermal imaging camera, and laser range finder.
  • The system supports firing of any 155mm NATO standard ammunition.
  • The gun can carry twenty ready-to-fire projectiles and charges, with versatile conveyor beds capable of accommodating various commonly used projectile and charge types. Loading automation enables handling of even the latest projectiles up to a maximum height of 1000mm.
  • The turret and chassis aggregates are powered by the chassis engine, utilizing both electric and hydraulic systems.
  • Mounted on a specially designed TATRA chassis, the system boasts exceptional cross-country capabilities and agile mobility, facilitating rapid engagement of new firing positions.

Overall, the 155mm BIA 6×6 stands out as a state-of-the-art autonomous artillery system, incorporating a range of innovative features that contribute to its exceptional performance on the battlefield.