155mm 52Cal. SpGH DIANA

155 mm SpGH DIANA is a self-propelled autonomous artillery system on tracked chassis, equipped with 52 caliber barrel and automatic loading of ammunition which is capable to provide effective fire support to ground forces. 

The 155mm/52 cal. SpGH self-propelled gun howitzer is designed:

  • to destroy enemy’s nuclear attack tactical weapons
  • for combat with enemy’s artillery and mortars
  • to neutralize and destroy enemy’s live force and fire complexes
  • to destroy and neutralize enemy’s command posts, radio communication equipment and rear area equipment
  • to pull down permanent defense structures and field defense objects by fire both from sheltered posts and indirect fire
  • to destroy tanks and armoured carriers by direct fire

It is characterized by far-distant range of fire, high accuracy of fire, high rate of fire, quick preparation of fire and high mobility.

Indirect fire using automated command, reconnaissance and fire control equipment with an option to use multiple round simultaneous impact (MRSI) mode of fire is a basic mode of fire. The 155mm/52 cal SpGH is equipped with sighting system for both direct and indirect fire. Aiming head with day/night operational mode and laser range finder are used for direct fire. 

Total amount of carried ammunition is 62 pieces. 40 pieces ready to fire are stored in conveyors and another 22 pieces are carried in chassis. Firing can be realized by round of shots or single shots. Conveyors of the auto-loader contain 40 beds for projectiles and 40 beds charges. If the auto-loader fails, the weapon can be loaded manually.

The SpGH consists of :

  • weapon superstructure
  • chassis
  • fire control system

The weapon superstructure consists of a barrel with an auto-loader and other gun mechanisms installed in a rotating turret. The turret can move ±360°. The barrel is loaded with projectiles and charges automatically, using an auto-loader within a full range of azimuth and elevation from -3,5° up to +70°.

The weapon superstructure is equipped by independent power supply unit which provides electric and hydraulic energy for the drive of turret.

The 155mm DIANA SpGH is equipped with 12.7mm machine gun.

Tracked chassis UPG-NG of Polish manufacturer BUMAR-LABEDY is used.

The weapon is operated by a four-men crew located in three cabins during operation (driver in chassis, commander with a charge operator in a left turret, projectile operator in a right turret).

Fire control system allows maximum autonomy of weapon to determine its own position, while aiming and while determining ballistic conditions of fire. It also enables diagnosis of all elements that could affect a successful performance of firing tasks.

Technical parameters

Dimensions, weight and driveability
11 800 mm
3 500 mm
height, maximum (at 0° elevation)
3 690 mm
curb weight of vehicle
48 000 kg
combat weight
52 300 kg
vertical step
800 mm
trench width
2 500 mm
60 km/h - roads, 30 km/h - off-roads
Weapon features
155 mm
length of barrel
52 calibers
-3,5° up to + 75°
± 360°
maximum range of fire
41 km
rate of fire in automatic mode
5 round in 1th minute and 13 rounds per 3 minutes
rate of fire in manual mode
2 rounds per minute
ready to fire
less than 2 minutes
number of carried projectiles
62 pieces
number of carried charges
372 pieces
Environmental and operation conditions
temperature range
from -30 to 50°C
relative air humidity
98 % at temperature of +55°C
air dustiness
to 1,5[g.m-3] at height of 0,5m above sea level