Combat Reconnaissance Vehicle

Vehicle BPsV-I is a modernization of combat vehicle BPzV – Svatava.

The modernization of the vehicle created the conditions for full leadership of reconnaissance and combat activities in a day and night, difficult climatic conditions as well.

Machine base (hereinafter referred to as chassis) vehicle BPsV-I is an armored tracked vehicle with great maneuverability on the road and off-road). The vehicle  its equipment primarily designed for reconnaissance but also to combat the enemy’s live power, armored equipment, for the destruction of armored and non-armored vehicles and other objects. The design of the vehicle ensures the protection of the crew and persons being transported and creates the conditions for full-fledged combat operations required to conduct current combat operations during the day, night and under severe climatic conditions.

The main object of the modernization is:

Increase the combat qualities of BPsV – the vehicle is equipped with a remotely controlled turret set (TS) TURRA30 with 30 mm gun 2A42, coupled machine gun caliber 7.62 mm and anti-tank weapon system KONKURZ.

Turret system is equipped with a laser irradiation detection and identification sensor head and a (DIS) smoke system. Turret system is also equipped with fire control system (FCS). The vehicle is equipped with a navigation system – the inertial navigation system (INS) continuously provides informations about the location of the vehicle.

  • Improve the shooter’s working environment and increase the comfort of the operation of the weapon systems – achieved through the external mount of weapons, the installation of an air conditioning unit and independent heating
  • Improvement of observation and sighting capabilities at night even in worsening weather conditions
  • The vehicle is equipped with an effective fire-fighting system capable of detecting and identifying fire and consequent fire-fighting in the engine-transmission compartment and in the crew compartment
  • Vehicle lighting
  • Chassis electrical equipment
  • Means of communication information system (CIS)
  • New seats – height adjustable seats for driver, marksman – operator and commander
  • External and internal walking parts of the vehicle body with anti-slip treatment
  • New mudguards with increased displacement to ensure sailing capability / weight gain

Inside the hull is created space for carrying special equipment which consists of:

  • multifunctional observation device
  • mine-detector
  • manual meteorological station
  • portable ground surveillance radar
  • set of automated  ground sensors (UGS)
  • set of unmaned aerial vehicle (UAV)
  • carrier set (collection a and analysis of people’s biometrics )
  • collection and analysis of data from mobile phones
  • generator

Technical parameters

Main Gun
2A42 30mm
Machine gun
7.62 mm
2 pcs
Smoke grenade launcher and false target launcher
8 pcs
Ammunition Box for 30 mm ammunition
330 pcs
Ammunition Box for 7.62 mm ammunition
600 pcs
4 members
Vehicle Carried Special Equipment:
Power/weight ratio with 28 000 kg
14.3 kW/t
Vehicle speed, max.
65 km/h-road, 30 km/h-off road
Total weight
15 300 kg
6735 mm
2830 mm
3460 mm
Vertical step
700 mm
Trench crossing
2500 mm
Range of operating (store) temperature
-32 ºC to +55 ºC, (-40 ºC to +70 ºC)