Infantry Combat Vehicle


Modernization of BVP-M is based on modernized vehicle BPsVI. All upgrades are almost identical to the BPsVI.

The modernization of the vehicle created the conditions for full leadership of reconnaissance and combat activities in a day and night, difficult climatic conditions as well.

Machine base (chassis) vehicle BPsV-I is an armored tracked vehicle with great maneuverability on the road and off-road). The vehicle  its equipment primarily designed for reconnaissance but also to combat the enemy’s live power, armored equipment, for the destruction of armored and non-armored vehicles and other objects.

The design of the vehicle ensures the protection of the crew and persons being transported and creates the conditions for full-fledged combat operations required to conduct current combat operations during the day, night and under severe climatic conditions.

The difference between BVP-M and BVPsVI vehicles is the ISTAR equipment carried by the BVPsVI, for which the interior of the vehicle is partially modified as well as the number of crew.

Such a modernized vehicle offers a solution to rearm the armed forces equiped with vehicles BVP-1 to the standards required for conducting of current combat operations.

Vehicle crew for BVP-M cosists of: commander, driver, shooter – operator, 7 x space for swarms.

Technical parameters

Main Gun
2A42 30mm
Machine gun
7.62 mm
2 pcs
Smoke grenade launcher and false target launcher
8 pcs
Ammunition Box for 30 mm ammunition
330 pcs
Ammunition Box for 7.62 mm ammunition
600 pcs
3 + 7 members
6735 mm
2830 mm
3460 mm
Vertical step
700 mm
Trench crossing
2500 mm
Ground clearance
350 mm
Range of operating (store) temperature
-32 ºC to +55 ºC, (-40 ºC to +70 ºC)