155mm 52Cal. TMG EVA

155 mm TMG EVA presents a self-propelled autonomous artillery system with automatic loading of ammunition providing an effective fire by means of both direct and indirect aiming. Design is based on a proven 155mm 52 cal. SpGH while overtaking maximum assemblies and design solutions verified within the course of demanding testing and tender trials performed in Slovak Republic and abroad.


155 mm 52 cal. TMG EVA is an artillery weapon system with automatic loading system, capable to provide effective fire by direct or indirect targeting. During the development course a special care has been taken to apply the maximum heritage portion of well proven subassemblies of ZUZANA 2 version.

155 mm TMG EVA is characterized by high mobility as it is a lighter version of the howitzer. Its other characteristics are the protection of the crew against infantry weapons, far-distant range of fire, quick preparation and high accuracy of fire, a rapid transition from the marching position to the firing position and also the ability to carry out multiple round simultaneous impact – the firing by salvo mode of fire – MRSI.

Three-man crew is located in an air-conditioned driver’s cabin. Backup workplace is situated on the weapon superstructure. Driver´s cabin is light armoured. For action in contaminated area, the cabin is equipped by effective filtration and ventilation unit. The cabin protects the crew against NBC weapons, small arms, as well as mounted weapons and ammunition fragments.

Howitzer consists of weapon superstructure, platform and on-board control system.

The weapon superstructure is equipped with automatic loading mechanism with conveyers of 12 pieces of projectiles and 12 pieces of charges, feeders and loading system – allowing the MRSI fire, 5 rounds in the first minute and 9 rounds in 2 minutes. For firing ammunition stored in conveyors is not necessary to get out of the cabin, all the activity is controlled by the commander from the chassis cabin. Another 12 projectiles and 12 powder charges are carried there in hermetical packing on the truck chassis.

EVA chassis 8×8 or alternatively 6×6 – the TATRA concept featuring the middle support tube with swinging half-axle and the engine in the front part. The chassis features the armoured cabin and the central tire inflation or deflation.

The automation is arranged by using the mechanisms sensing and auto-adjusting the position of barrel and ammunition conveyers, fully automatic loading system, automation of data transfer between the master system and object.

The main principe of the FCS software is the central management of technical resources and monitoring of their activities. Other features of the software result from the fact that the tasks for which the input data are collected on the cannon must be solved directly in the on-board computer. These are mainly tasks of topographic, ballistic and technical training, but mainly the calculation of elements of shooting.

Technical parameters

Dimensions, weights and driveability
length, maximum
11 500 mm
width, maximum
2 550 mm
height, maximum (at 0° elevation)
3 280 mm
approach angle
departure angle
combat weight of the complete vehicle 8x8
26 500 kg
total weight of the complete vehicle 8x8
28 100 kg
vertical step according to STN 30 0029
500 mm
trench width according to STN 30 0029
900 mm
90 km/h - roads, 30 km/h - off-roads
Weapon features
155 mm
barel length
52 cal.
- 3.5°/+75°
± 60°
max. range of fire
41 km when using ERFB-BB shells / >50 km with VLAP Ammunition
rate of fire in automatic mode
5 rounds in the first minute, 13 rounds in 3 minutes
rate of fire in manual mode
2 rounds per minute
number of carried projectiles
12 + 12 pieces in packing
number of carried charges
12 + 12 pieces in packing
Auxiliary power unit APU
engine power output for NA char.
25 kW
engine operating speed
2 600 rpm
nominal electric power output
3,3 kW
capacity of accumulator batteries
55 Ah
Environmental and operation conditions
temperature range
from -30 to 50°C
relative air humidity
98 % at temperature of +55°C
air dustiness
to 1,5[g.m-3] at height of 0,5m above sea level