155mm 52Cal. TMG EVA

155 mm TMG EVA presents a self-propelled autonomous artillery system with automatic loading of ammunition providing an effective fire by means of both direct and indirect aiming. Design is based on a proven 155mm 52 cal. SpGH while overtaking maximum assemblies and design solutions verified within the course of demanding testing and tender trials performed in Slovak Republic and abroad.


  • high mobility,
  • crew protection against small arms,
  • far-distant range of fire,
  • quick preparation for fire,
  • quick transition into and out of action,
  • high accuracy of fire,
  • multiple round simultaneous impact (MRSI) missions capability,

Three-man crew is located in the driver´s cabin. Backup workplace is situated on the weapon superstructure.

Driver´s cabin is light armoured. For action in contaminated area, the cabin is equipped by effective filtration and ventilation unit. The cabin protects the crew against NBC weapons, small arms, as well as mounted weapons and ammunition fragments

Howitzer consists of weapon superstructure, chassis and fire control system.

Control of weapon is enabled from the crew´s cabin and it is not needed to leave the cabin until the 12 projectiles stored in conveyers are fired.

The weapon superstructure is equipped with automatic loading mechanism with conveyers of 12 pieces of projectiles and 12 pieces of charges, feeders and loading system – allowing the MRSI fire, 5 rounds in the first minute and 9 rounds in 2 minutes. Another 12 projectiles and 12 powder charges are carried there in hermetical packing on the truck chassis.

Eva 8×8chassis – the TATRA concept featuring the middle support tube with swinging half-axle and the engine in the front part.

The chassis features the armored cabin and the central tire inflation or deflation.

The automation is arranged by using the mechanisms sensing and auto-adjusting the position of barrel and ammunition conveyers, fully automatic loading system, automation of data transfer between the master system and object.

A core of the FCS, computer  with its software, Navigation and Position System and Automatic Loading Mechanism, enables the crew to fire from an unprepared firing position under the armor all the mission time, reaching very short in-to-action /out-of-action time.

Technické parametre

Main Armament:
155 mm, 52 cal. barrel
± 60° , for fire ± 40°
- 3.5°/+75°
Rate of fire: in automatic mode:
5 rounds in the first minute, 13 rounds in 3 minutes
Rate of fire: in manual mode:
2 rounds per minute
Max. range of fire:
41+ km when using ERFB-BB shells
Min. range of fire:
5 km
Ammo carried:
24 pieces
Ammo ready to fire:
12 pieces
Special chassis:
11,2 m 11,5 m
Height(transport by plane):
2,70 m
Height(road transport):
3,33 m 3,28 m
2,55 m 2,7 m
Max. speed:
80 km/h
Range of Action:
700 km